No one ever became a skilled sailor on smooth seas

Let’s get the competition looking out for you for a change

One of our favorite sayings is “It’s more fun to be a pirate than join the Navy.” And in our case, it really fits.
We take the best business and marketing practices from über-disciplined companies — IBM, AT&T, Apple and others known for their marketing precision — to get your team’s processes in ship-shape.  Once you’re ready for the open seas, we get your team hooked on the adrenaline of guerrilla marketing: raising the Jolly Roger, taking a boarding party, and raiding competitors’ market share for its loot.  We put the fun in high-functioning teams.


Founded by corporate-side ex-pats, Webmark Partners operates as virtual confederacy of experienced marketing pros nationwide, experts far more experienced than you could ever hope to hire in-house, or would expect to find in a typical consultancy. You get your own, custom A-Team: people with years of experience on the front lines and the special-ops skills your organization needs to get to the next level quickly.

ultra-experienced, proven marketing services

Webmark is precisely the type of advisory firm you, a client, would hope to create, assuming your Linked-In profile was already brimming with all the right connections. We are not “Agency Types” looking to vacuum every dime out of your marketing budget: you won’t pay for fluffy Big Agency overhead, and you’ll never have fake-it-until-they-make-it junior staffers, interns, and on-the-job trainees responsible for your project. Instead, you get ultra-experienced, proven marketing services from experts with years of corporate-side experience…and the serenity of knowing that your business is entrusted to people who’ve solved far more daunting challenges than you’re currently facing (trust us on that: we have spellbinding stories best told over a beer.)


We can help get your organization playing at a level you never imagined, faster than you ever thought possible. We’ve tackled some of the most demanding undertakings in the history of technology marketing…and now, we’re ready for our most important project yet: yours.