You’ve seen our work. You just didn’t know who deserved the credit.

Projects that would terrify most firms

Webmark has helped companies of all types develop and execute well-designed, effective strategies — already proven in some of the world’s most admired companies — that capture the attention of customers, influential press and consultants, prospective employees, and members of the investment community. Over the years, we’ve brought a wealth of management, marketing, communications, and business development experience to our clients’ business strategies… at an ROI that even the most frugal CFO will appreciate.


More than 450 technology product launches

Dozens of new technology start-ups, “smart-ups,”
joint ventures and spin-offs

More than a half-dozen successful M&As

First real-time AI-based expert system

The first image-based social media community
(10 years before Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat)


Rebranding and relaunching NCR from AT&T

Rebranding and relaunching a 20+ year-old
software firm; revenue quadrupled in 60 months

Repositioning and relaunching a 30+ year-old software firm
into a new TAM; revenue grew 9x industry growth rate

Re-branding 70 CAE/CAD software modules as an
integrated suite, raising unaided awareness 38% in 90 days


AT&T’s acquisition of NCR
(followed by the AT&T/NCR/Lucent trivestiture)

Formation and launch of the IBM Technology Group

Introduction of the first PC-compatible laptop

Deployment of the world’s first Artificial Intelligence-based real-time expert system


Launched AI-based expert system startup;
revenue grew to $40M in 60 months

Repositioned health care IT firm;
revenue tripled in less than three years

Rebranded, relaunched software firm;
revenue grew 400% in 60 months


$89 million financial restatement that received months of negative national news coverage... worsened by a layoff on
``Take Your Daughter to Work Day``

Plant closings and relocations, layoffs, product failures, executive firings, workplace violence, sexual harassment, IP lawsuits, bankruptcies, etc.

Media, analyst, industry, community, and employee relations following crisis situations


Olympics Games, U.S. Olympic team,
and U.S. Olympic Training Center

National Football League, Major League Baseball,
PGA, America’s Cup, NASCAR, CART

Biosphere II Earth systems science research facility
(in conjunction with Space Biosphere Ventures and NASA)


Federal Smart Cities, Net zero initiatives

NSA, DoD, FAA, NASA, and National Geospatial-
Intelligence Agency data centers/MCFs

FAA ARTCC/Tracon power grid design and optimization

NASA Houston flight operations real-time expert system


C-level and VP-level strategic business development

Venture capital, private equity, and HNWI

Major business and trade media; industry analysts


Helped to lead a wide range of strategic partnerships and cooperative marketing efforts. Partners included:

Acer, Apple, Autodesk, Cisco, Dell, Eaton, eBay, EMC, Gateway, GE, HP, IBM, LG, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nokia, Oracle, OSIsoft, Pixar, Samsung, Schneider Electric, Sony, and others.